Occasional Update - May 28, 2020

Welcome to week two of Arcadia Minecraft! Going forward, weekly updates will be published on Thursdays at 12pm EST / 4pm UTC, with the majority of new features being released Friday at the same time. Below you will find some upcoming features as well as some changes we have made over the past week!

World Border Expansions

This week we have been working diligently on expanding the world borders of the Overworld, The Nether, and The End.


Expanded from 9,000 block radius to 10,000. We’re slowly working toward our current goal of 12,000.

The Nether

Expanded from 1,125 block radius to 1,250. We realize that this isn’t much of a change, but it must only expand at a rate of only 12.5% of that of the Overworld.

The End

Expanded from 2,500 block radius to 4,000. We may look into adding a resource world for The End once it becomes impossible to find the non-renewable loot normally found there.

Legacy Maps

Many of you have been requesting access to the various Legacy Arcadia Maps, both from 2012 and 2015. We are glad to announce that they will be available for download upon request beginning Friday, May 29 at 12pm EST / 4pm UTC! Please send Llamasquishy a Private Message on Arcadia’s Discord Server to request the list of maps and their respective download links!

Thanks to masterX244 for providing the 2015 versions of these maps!


We have brought on techlee_ (formerly wtfgamerguy) and Ghost56 as Discord Managers! They have been working tirelessly to set up Arcadia’s Discord server properly. Llama, admittedly, had no idea how do to that. Big shout out to these guys for getting it all set up!

Build Competitions

Check out next week’s update for more information on the upcoming Build Competition which will help us decide which Arcadian(s) will be contracted to build our brand new /spawn area!

Be sure to start collecting LOTS of resources!

PvP Arenas

Arcadia would like to announce the upcoming addition of PvP Arenas! In the near future, we will be adding a plugin which will allow players to challenge each other to duels, team battles, free-for-all battles, and more using simple commands! We look forward to telling you more about it in next week’s update, but for now, you get to look forward to destroying your friends in some all-in-good-fun PvP!


As always, thank you to everyone for just simply playing on Arcadia Minecraft once again! You’re helping to keep the community growing and it’s wonderful to see! Also, thank you to our continued support from our Patrons and Donators! We couldn’t do it without you!