World Borders and /jump - July 31, 2020

The Issue

Arcadia’s update to 1.16.1 – The Nether Update presents us with a bit of a challenge when it comes to pre-loading chunks. As you know, there is a 1:8 ratio for distance traveled in the nether relative to the overworld. This presents us with the issue: how do we handle world borders, knowing that if we want a 4,000 block radius world border in the nether, we have to multiply that by 8 and have a 32,000 block radius in the overworld, so that nether portals all line up properly? A 10,000 block border in the nether would mean a whopping 80,000 block radius in the overworld. What we have been doing is pre-generating 100% of the explorable world chunks BEFORE expanding the border to allow players to roam free. That will be changing.

The Solution

The new plan is to increase borders a huge amount all at once, but not pre-generate chunks while players are online. This will allow players to explore new areas when online, but whenever there are 0 players online, it will automatically begin processing all of the other areas within the world border. The process will pause again automatically when any players are online. The new borders are as follows:

  • Overworld: 40,000 radius from 0, 0
  • Nether: 5,000 radius from 0, 0

The Side-Effect

The one minor side-effect to this change is that we will have to force users with access to /jump to slow down, so as to avoid server lag. As such, we have added a 3-second delay to the /jump command for the time being, until our world is completely pre-generated on 1.16.1. Apologies for the inconvenience!