• You must be an experienced player, or capable of learning on your own. We will not teach you how to play Minecraft.
  • No griefing!
  • No stealing!
  • No spamming or excessive caps!
  • No cheating!
  • You are liable for anything that happens on your account. “My brother did it!” is not a valid excuse.
  • Follow the Building Guidelines.

Building Guidelines

  • Be creative. Don’t build a house that looks like every other Minecraft noob’s house.
  • Don’t overuse cobblestone, just because you can’t be bothered to smelt it into smoothstone.
  • Details are the key to good builds. Accents, patterns, furniture, and interior design are all essential aspects of building.
  • Huge does not always equal epic. If you’re going to build big, make sure it actually looks great too.
  • If you need architectural advice on your builds, don’t hesitate to ask. There are many experienced builders on Arcadia who would love to give you tips on how to improve your builds.


  • Where am I allowed to build?
    • You can build anywhere that hasn’t been claimed or built on by another player. Look for signs indicating the land is claimed, and look for man-made structures. Also, do not build so close to other players that they might complain, ie. use your judgement. If you find a house in the middle of nowhere, don’t build right next to it, but it might be okay to build right next to a house in an area that is crowded by many players. If the area is marked as a town, you’ll need to ask the Mayor before building there.
  • “Sorry, but you can’t break that block here.”
    • You must travel farther away from the spawn area to build. It is a protected area for future spawn expansion.
  • I CAN HAZ FREE ITEMZZZZZ?!!1!!?!!!11one!!?!!
    • No.
  • Is swearing or using curse words permitted?
    • Yes. There is no language filter plugin installed on Arcadia Minecraft.
  • What happens to banned players?
    • Once a player is banned, they have 7 days to file a ban dispute. once that time has passed, they can still file a dispute, but staff members may choose to have their buildings removed and possessions confiscated. If the ban was related to the player cheating to gain resources, items may be confiscated by staff at any time.
  • What happens to confiscated items?
    • Confiscated items are filed away in the Evidence Room, where they will eventually be either destroyed or used to aid community projects.
  • What if someone who lives in my town is banned from Arcadia? Can I take down their buildings and remove their chests?
    • No. You must wait until after their ban dispute (if applicable) is settled. you may not touch the player’s property until a staff member gives you explicit permission to do so.