Occasional Update - November 18, 2020

🎉🎉 It’s our half-birthday! 🎉🎉

Today marks six months since the official relaunch of Arcadia Minecraft! Thanks to the generous support of all of our Patrons and Donators, Arcadia Minecraft has been able to continue (and grow) for half a year! Thank you so much for keeping us up and running!

Alright, let’s get into the updates…don’t worry, it’s not a long one!

  • We recently updated to 1.16.4. Please update your clients and mods.
  • We also welcomed XanderJayNix to the team as Arcadia’s first Publicist! Congratulations, Xander, and here’s your official welcome to the team!

  • Oh! Also congratulations to XanderJayNix one more time for being totally awesome and being the first player on Arcadia (2.0) to attain the rank of Architect! Woohoo!
  • Other than that, we have made a few other small changes which can be found in the changelog here on the website.

Enjoy your week ahead! <3

– Llamasquishy