Occasional Update - May 24, 2020

Well, would you look at that! We’re almost a full week into Arcadia Minecraft 2.0! From now on, we will simply refer to it as “Arcadia Minecraft”, and we will do everything we can to remain true to the values and goals of the original Arcadia Minecraft that we all loved back in the day! Anyway, now that the server is up and running with (almost) everything working properly, below you’ll find some important information on new features, upcoming changes, and exciting additions to Arcadia Minecraft!

Creative Map

The brand new¬†Creative Map is now live! Now that we’ve come to a decision on how to organize the creative map, here’s some information you will need to know.


These are the layers of the creative map (top-to-bottom):

31x DIRT

How to get there

Use the following command: /warp creative

How to claim a plot

  1. Exit the spawn area in any direction.
  2. Select your favourite plot based on the size required for your build. There are many different plot sizes and plots can be combined to make larger ones.
  3. Ask an Admin or Moderator to create your region for you.
  4. Build something amazing!


  • You must be B+ or higher to access the Creative Map.
  • Plot surfaces may be changed.
  • Lava- and fire-spread is ON. Let an Admin know if you require either one to be disabled for your build.
  • The Creative map currently has a relatively small world border, however it is generated far beyond the current border and it will be expanded as necessary.

finite’s Waystation for Weary Travelers

As you may already know, we have set Arcadia’s survival to “hard” difficulty, which may present a challenge for new players. To aid new players in their initial endeavours, finiteInfinity has graciously set up a public farm for their use! It is located directly west of spawn, just outside the protected spawn area. Please send new players here if you notice them having troubles getting started!

Legacy Map Downloads

As these have been widely requested by veteran Arcadians, we’ve decided to put this at the top of the major to-do list. There will be some file organization and map upgrades that will need to go into this before we “rar” it all up nice and neat for y’all. We will provide a download for each map separately, from 2012 and 2015. These maps will be available at 12pm EST / 4pm UTC on Friday, May 29.

Something PvP-related…

We’re working on something HUGE for those of you who love to duel and PvP in general! Keep an eye on these weekly updates for more information!

Message from the Owner

From Llama: “You are all totally awesome. I’d like to thank all of you for your kind words, your support, and your patience as I work out the kinks of the new Arcadia Minecraft! I hope I’m not speaking too soon, but I think we’re at a point now where the server is considered “stable” in its current condition. Hopefully we don’t need to perform any more updates anytime soon. Also, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of Arcadia’s recent donators and those are are supporting us on Patreon! You guys/gals rock and you’re helping to support the development of Arcadia Minecraft! Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3″

New Patrons and Donators:

  • [P] finiteInfinity
  • [P] masterX244
  • [P] techlee_
  • [P] Derptician
  • [P] EJ1997
  • [P] AvVvA
  • [D] SiriusBlack0511
  • [D] SiriussGirl0511
  • [D] enchantedfilm