ArcadiaMC 2023


I am current Director, Exclavia,


letting you all know about the updates of the Arcadia Minecraft Server as of 2023.

Besides any sort of Minecraft updates being worked out by our administrators, we are also working on some new updates ingame as well.


To start with:

A little bit of information for some newbies, our world was created back in 1.16. Which can create some issues with some of the recent Minecraft updates, however one of our administrators uses a tool in order to check the world files and see what hasn’t been claimed by players. (Which happens to be roughly 12,000 blocks out). We will be rolling out an easy teleport/portal option in order for new players to get to these new areas.


As we continue working on the spawn area, we also have plans to update the token shop, removing some items and adding some. On top of completely redesigning the token shop as well. 


Finishing up:

Any more updates we will be hopefully be updating more frequently on the website and Discord server.

There are some smaller updates we are also looking into. As always we listen to our players when it comes to suggestions, in fact everything stated above was suggestions made by our players. 

If you have any additional suggestions for Arcadia, please use the #suggestions text-chat on our Discord server. 


Thanks for reading


Exclavia, Arcadia Director.


ArcadiaMC Director

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